Letter from Bayushi Hayate 4

Day 15 of the Month of the Boar - Shinjo Orie


To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you on behalf of my lieges Bayushi Otsune-sama and Bayushi Hayate-sama. Hayate-sama mentioned that you may be especially interested in a samurai that I have dealings with — Shinjo Orie.
Orie is the Unicorn magistrate of Ryoko Owari. She of course performs the standard law enforcement duties of her office. And, as past magistrates of Royoko Owari have had, she has contacts among many of the criminal groups in the city, from the gambling halls to the yakuza gangs to the opium producers. Not all of her activities in this regard are legal. Of course, the Governor and Emerald Magistrates overlook this, since it is a necessary part of her position.
However, there is one thing that puzzles me about Orie. Orie and her deputies have had meetings with several samurai prior to those samurai behaving uncharacteristically. Some have been honorable men who suddenly committed shameful crimes. Others have come forth to implicate themselves in activity that anyone would consider deviate or treasonous. The only explanation I can imagine is that Orie must have blackmail on these people that she uses to pressure them into these acts, but how she could know secrets unknown even to my clan is beyond me. Perhaps her leverage is something else entirely — we have only seen the effect of her influence, not the cause.
I do not understand why a person such as yourself would need to know what I have discussed in this letter, but Hayate-sama has ordered me to comply with any requests for further information about Orie. I will make myself available to meet with you regarding this matter if you find yourself in Ryoko Owari.

-Shosuro Keisuke


Another day of heavy snowfall passes. At this point it is no surprise that another letter has arrived. However, this one bears the mon of the Shosuro family.

Letter from Bayushi Hayate 4

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