Letter from Bayushi Hayate 5

Day 18 of the Month of the Boar - Yoritomo Kaito


Honorable Samurai-dono,
I hope this package has found you intact and unmolested. It is one of several contraband items like it that have been smuggled to Rokugan from the distant land of Merenae by Yoritomo Kaito. You may not have heard of Kaito — he spends most of his time overseas with special dispensation from the Emperor as a representative of the Mantis to the Ivory Kingdoms. The long voyages and isolated nature of his oversees ambassadorial trips makes it easy for him to divert his attention towards other overseas nations and their advanced weapons.
Kaito commands a very small fleet in order to accomplish his mission, and he was allowed to pick the crews himself. Thus they are fiercely loyal. Though Kaito’s activities are generally limitted to mere smuggling, he holds his cargo to be extremely precious. In encounters with Crane coast guard and Tortoise pirates, he has been known to use deadly force if he felt that his cargo was in danger of loss or discovery.
In his eyes, delivery of the cargo is worth these measures. The item you hold in your hands, when loaded with ammunition and gajin pepper, becomes a potent weapon strong enough to shift the balance of power militarily in the Empire if enough fall into the hands of one army. Put in the hands of ronin bandits, they will terrorize the countryside if not put down quickly. Put in the hands of an assassin, he will become all the more deadly. These are the risks Kaito introduces to the Empire, and these are the risks anyone willing to antagonize him induces.
As always, use this information at your discretion and good luck in your efforts.
-Bayushi Hayate


Another two days have passed since the last letter. It is now the 18th day of the Month of the Boar, and the snow is finally beginning to taper off. A servant brings you a parcel bearing the now-familiar mon of the scorpion. A letter is also attached.

Letter from Bayushi Hayate 5

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