Letter from Bayushi Hayate 6

Day 19 of the Month of the Boar - Miromuto Arata


Honorable Samurai-dono,
I have news of the 6th member of the Nine Tigers. The man, Miromuto Arata, is a wealthy recluse living in the northern mountain provinces of the Dragon Clan. Durring the War of the Spirits, he was a Taisa in the Imperial Legion. After suffering a devastating injury on the field in 1147, he honorably retired and returned home to focus on his duty to his clan.
During his tenure in the Imperial Legion, Arata was a ruthlessly efficient commander. The army of the Steel Chrysanthemum grew to fear him, not only for his victories against them but also for his ice cold heart. The man was known to torture captives for information and even sometimes just for fun. Many of his victories were hard-earned by scorching the lands that he fought over — be they virgin forest, farmland, or village.
Few who spend time with Arata would count him a friend as he is far from personable. However, those he has kept his distance from respect him for his capabilities as a field commander and as an administrator, allowing him to command a large estate and a small private army. He has a full staff of highly trained Miromuto officers who respect him but do not like him. However, he pays well, and his ji-samurai, wave men, and ashigaru levies are loyal to a fault as a result.
Travel to the province involves travel through narrow and winding mountain passes, and information does not flow freely. However, I was able to befriend one of his officers — Miromuto Yoshirou. We have corresponded by letter, and he is warming to me. If you are to visit the province, let me know and I will arrange an introduction.
My regards to you,
-Bayushi Hayate


Another day passes and the servants have just finished clearing the snow from the courtyards. Though the roads are still mostly impassable, another message arrives.

Letter from Bayushi Hayate 6

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