Letter from Bayushi Hayate 7

Day 20 of the Month of the Boar - Akodo Kenichi


Yet another day passes. Couriers have begun to appear more frequently, carrying messages of lesser importance that could not be delivered during the snow. You are not surprised when another message bearing the mon of the Scorpion clan arrives.


Honorable Samurai-dono,

I have received word on the 7th Tiger, Akodo Kenichi. During the War of Spirits, Kenichi served under Miromuto Arata. Kenichi is also a keen troop commander as well as a competent player of military politics. He quickly rose above Arata and remained in the war until its bitter end.

Kenichi has fostered his relationships to the commanders of the Imperial Legion including the Imperial Heiress Toturi Tsudao, and has now risen to the rank of "Shireikan"http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Shireikan. He is known to be honorable, and takes his job seriously. However, he is less well regarded in politics. He is always looking out for opportunities to advance, shafting his rivals out of positions that he wants and carelessly shuffling those of lesser status as benefits him most regardless of their wishes.

Kenichi has also used his political prowess within the Nine Tigers, rising to second in command. Many minutiae of the Nine Tiger’s agenda beneath their master are handled effortlessly by him. If something were to happen to him, it would be a major blow to the group, but pursuing him may also be difficult because of his position.

At present, Kenichi is doing a personal favor for Tsudao. He is laying siege to a large group of ronin bandits that have appeared in the Lion territories outside of Otosan Uchi. Though he has been largely successful in skirmishes against the bandits, the force at large has used the onset of winter to seek reprieve.

This is all I know for now about the man, but I will stay in touch.

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Letter from Bayushi Hayate 7

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