Letter from Bayushi Hayate 8

Day 23 of the Month of the Boar - Shosuro Shichirou and the Tiger’s Leader


Honorable Samurai-dono,
Rumor of the Scorpion shinobi Shosuro Shichirou have been circulating among the few of us in the know about the Nine Tigers group. You may have heard that he has been involved in theft, assassination, and framing several enemies of the Tigers for crimes they did not commit. I realise that you may have reason to bear a grudge against this man, but please do not pursue him — he is a renegade servant of my lady Otsune and we would like to keep this matter internal. If there is any way for you to repay me for the information I have given you, this is it.
There is, of course, one more Tiger. He is the ringleader of the group, driving them towards an end known perhaps only to him. Unfortunately, he has kept himself too well hidden and I have not been able to learn any information regarding him. I will keep you updated if I hear anything, but right now I have nothing to offer.
This is all the information I have for now. Feel free to contact me if you are in need, but by the Fortunes be discrete. Again good luck in however you choose to use what I have imparted to you.

-Bayushi Hayate


Three more days pass. The snow is now mostly melted. A short missive arrives at your residence.

Letter from Bayushi Hayate 8

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