Letter from Kitsu Hachirou

A Letter Obtained by Bayushi Hayate


My Lord Kuni Utagu-sama,
I am writing to you to update you on the progress of our witch hunt in Nikesake. The group of maho-tsukai that I spoke of in our last correspondence appears to be the only a minor danger here compared to what I have now learned. This group consists solely of servants of the local manors. While they are of course murderous servants of jigoku, they are a threat only to the peasants and the most simple of samurai. However, there is a new danger that they fear more than the righteous hand of the witch hunters.
I speak of a maho tsukai hiding somewhere among the temples. From our interrogations of the local rabble, we know that he is a fully trained shugenja, most likely of the Asako family. He is most likely responsible for a number of missing peasants reported in the area, and from what I have learned he must be using them for research into his dark magics. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to learn any more about this fiend without alerting him to my presence. I will continue to learn what I can, and report when there is any more to know.
Your Faithful Servant,
Kitsu Hachirou


This letter was attached to Letter from Bayushi Hayate 3.

Letter from Kitsu Hachirou

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