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  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 1

    It is early on the 12th day of the month of the Boar. The peasants have finished storing their food for the winter,the merchants have closed shop,and the samurai are settling into winter court. This is fortunate,for dense snowfall arrives today heralding …

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 2

    Two days have passed since the snowfall began. The snow is so deep that only the spirits of the wind and the most skilled scouts and couriers have been able to carry messages. You have heard little from outside your winter residence since the snow began. …

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 3

    Not even a whole day has passed since the last letter, and the snow continues to fall heavy and wet. Your servants bring the following letter as you conclude your breakfast.

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 4

    Another day of heavy snowfall passes. At this point it is no surprise that another letter has arrived. However, this one bears the mon of the Shosuro family.

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 5

    Another two days have passed since the last letter. It is now the 18th day of the Month of the Boar, and the snow is finally beginning to taper off. A servant brings you a parcel bearing the now-familiar mon of the scorpion. A letter is also attached.

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 6

    Another day passes and the servants have just finished clearing the snow from the courtyards. Though the roads are still mostly impassable, another message arrives.

  • Letter from Bayushi Hayate 7

    Honorable Samurai-dono, I have received word on the 7th Tiger, Akodo Kenichi. During the "War of Spirits":http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/War_of_Spirits, Kenichi served under [[:mirumoto-arata | Miromuto Arata]]. Kenichi is also a keen troop commander as …

  • Gaijin Weapon

    You have received a parcel attached to Letter from Bayushi Hayate 5. This Parcel smells of sulphur and iron. Inside you discover a curious object: an ornate cedar rod with a curved handle. It cradles a polished iron tube, and the top contains a …