Shirou no Yuki no Kyoukai

Arata’s castle, an estate on the boundary of the mountain territories of the Dragon Clan and the lands of the barbarian Yobanjin.

Physical Description

Shirou no Yuki no Kyoukai lies in a valley between two sheer cliffs. The castle acts as a gateway to one of the only passes from Yobanjin lands to Rokugan.

Outlying Lands

Shirou no Yuki no Kyoukai looks to have once been surrounded by farms. However, these have fallen into disrepair in the past year as the men have been drafted into Arata’s army. Closer to the castle town, a number of temporary barracks and training camps have been constructed.

Castle Village

The castle village is a small matter, mainly consisting of enough craftsmen to keep the castle occupied. Many of the peasant men who live here work up in the castle the majority of the time.


The castle is long enough to block the passage, but not very wide. The Rokugan-facing walls are short, while the north-facing walls are tall and heavily fortified. Each wall has a massive gate in the middle, allowing many traders to pass through. The north gate gives the appearance of having rarely been opened.

Behind these walls, the keep straddles a this road allowing archers to fire down on any invaders if they attempt to rush through. on each side of the keep there is a tower. The top of the tower to the east contains the lord’s chambers, and the top of the tower to the west contains the Hatamoto’s chambers. Below this level are samurai who directly report to the lord and directly to the Hatamoto, then below that are the servant’s quarters. The bottom level of the Lord’s tower contains an antechamber where the lord holds his court. The bottom level of the hatamoto’s chamber contains the servant’s quarter.

Known Characters at Shirou no Yuki no Kyoukai

Shirou no Yuki no Kyoukai

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